What is self amalgamating tape?

April 28, 2012

What is self amalgamating tape?  Self amalgamating tapes are tapes made from rubber that adheres to itself.  These include EPR rubber amalgamating tape, EPDM rubber tape, PIB amalgamating tapes (Polyisbutylene) and Butyl rubber tapes.  When wrapped around an application onto itself, these rubber tapes adhere to the underlying layer and become one piece of rubber in typically 24 hours.  Self amalgamating tapes typically have a line of paper or plastic between each layer on the roll which must be removed in order to apply it.  While there are many different types of tape that people loosely define as "amalgamating tapes," only rubber tapes are truly amalgamating tapes.  The dictionary defines "amalgamating" as "to combine or unite to form one organization or structure" or "to become one," so this definition could certainly apply to many types of tapes.  Silicone Tapes are sometime referred to as amalgamating tapes also, but the process is somewhat different and are therefore in a different class of products than traditional rubber amalgamating tape.  These rubber tapes are normally heat resistant to 100C to 130C and perform very well in high moisture environments.  This makes them ideal for waterproofing and insulating electrical wiring in tough environments like under water, under ground, for satellite and amateur radio connections, automotive and industrial, and much more.  Self amalgamating tape sticks only to itself and not the item being wrapped, so they can be easily removed but cutting the tape without leaving the typical adhesive residue like regular electric tape does.

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